Okay so every time I see someone showing their pantyline I’m like, OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING. And sometimes when I’ve realized I’m showing MY pantyline I’m like OMG WHAT AM I DOING and I have to put on a thong and spend the entire day discreetly pulling it out of my ass and one time I put this new really cute tight dress on and I had no thongs at hand so I just went out pantiless and okay it did feel kind of freeing but WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF WHY ARE WE ALL DOING THIS TO OURSELVES I MEAN LIKE FUCK THE SYSTEM either women’s clothing shouldn’t be so flimsy and sheer and TIGHT (but just you know, tight enough) or maybe nobody should give a fuck? I mean it’s just a pantyline right? I think it’s happening (no one giving a fuck) I mean nowadays it’s becoming acceptable to wear leggings as pants and I have to admit I still have qualms about that even though I am trying to combat my gut instinct to feel shame and embarrassment about seeing anyone’s pantyline (including my own) and so I’m thinking, you know, why is it okay for guys to show their boxers, a girl showing her pantyline is the same fucking thing really I mean double standard much? And I was watching Broad City<3 the other day and Ilana my new celebrity girl-crush had her beautiful blue underwear showing in one episode and I had this urge to both like shake her but also kiss her you know what I mean?

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