Pointless Update #4

Pointless Update #3

Disclaimer: All “Pointless Updates,” past, present, and future, concerning news wherein another party outside of the pitiful individual who narrates this blog is involved, renders the “pointless” in “Pointless Update #[insert number here]” null and void, whereby the title consequently and verily remains for the purposes of branding and consistency only. (tl;dr it’s not pointless when there’s other ppl, I just don’t feel like changing the title and would rather tack on a snarky disclaimer)

My little brother graduated high school! *sniffsniff* They grow up so fast yesterday he was just a baby etc. etc. etc. Headed to Calpoly to study architecture/urban planning with a shitload of scholarship money. I’m so proud of him! *tear* First generation, yeeee


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