Pointless Update #5

My OKCupid account got deleted.

At least, I’m pretty damn sure it was deleted.

Every time I try logging in (on both the laptop and smartphone), it just tells me “technical difficulties; try again later.” This has been happening since mid-May. I asked my friend, who has a deactivated account on there, to log in and try to find me under my username. She could not. “That’s so weird.”

Yes, very weird. Also, I used to receive those completely misleading email notifications from OKCupid about so-and-so “liking” me (you know, the ones that are like, c’mon send him a message, cuz he’s “totally into you!”) but ever since I’ve been denied login access those emails no longer show up in my inbox. (Aka, superficial ego boosts no longer show up in my inbox.)

Not sure why it was deleted. Maybe some dude was so fed up with my bra-burning man-hating feminazi ways he absolutely had to report me for keeping it too real. In which case, fuck OKCupid for sucking The Man’s dick. Either way I’m at a loss. I tried contacting whoever runs that love-forsaken site but I highly doubt I’ll get a response. I mean, all I want is some closure, man! Oh well.

Maybe it was the universe telling me, online dating is NOT for you, kiddo. Get the fuck out of that cyber cesspool. No? Okay I’ll boot you out myself through some website technicality. The universe works in mysterious ways, right?

But what does that mean, exactly? “Online dating isn’t for me” as in no kind of dating is for me, let alone online dating, or is the message more like, “get out into the real world and meet people the old-fashioned way, goddamnit!” And is “technical difficulties” passive-aggressive/semi-metaphorical code for my technical difficulties with people and relationships IRL? Am I reading too much into this? Did I really need to ask that question when I always read too much into everything?

Okay, what’s the big deal, I can just create a new account, right? Well, it’s not that simple. Well okay it is, but my FEELINGS about doing that are not that simple. What if my account is randomly deleted again? Also all that effort into constructing the right facade…it’s just not worth it. I’ve gotten even more jaded about the whole dating thing anyway, so I’m really doing all those innocent techie-nerds who message me a favor by no longer existing on the site. I guess?

Conflicted feelings aside, I have decided that I will continue posting OKC misadventures that I’ve had in the past. I mean what’s the point of going on mediocre/awkward first dates when you can’t milk them for all they’re worth through creative nonfiction and hyperbole? (Like srsly.)






2 thoughts on “Pointless Update #5

  1. The reason your profile seemingly has been deleted is a nagging question. Yet, it’s one that may never be answered.
    Do you plan to try a new site?

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