Pointless Update #8

Okay, so I got a new OKCupid account. I realized that I was never going to meet any dudes IRL, and as a straight girl, this would not do. So back on I went.

Mind you, it was not easy getting back on. Apparently OKC did not like the idea of me coming on again to offend and scandalize dudes. After numerous messages informing me that the site had “technical difficulties; try again later” and that “oops! something went wrong,” my friend Darcy suggested I try “incognito mode.” And it worked! (Also I never knew there was such a thing as incognito mode. Coolcoolcool.)

Ugh, now I have to work through all these damn questions I’ve already answered in the past.

I have two dates lined up for next week. Will they be blogworthy? Probably not, but I’ll write about them anyway. (But first I gotta write about all the ones I went on earlier this year…and last year. Man, I’m terrible.)

Just to be clear: I’m not trolling on the site just to have something to write about. I think that would be really fucked up. I mean, I am a fucked up person, but not that fucked up. I’m lonely and hopeful just like anyone else! Just a tad more cynical and aggressive than your average person, but whatevz. We’ll see what happens.


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