That terrifying moment

when you are texting some cute guy from Tinder and you accidentally send him an audio recording of a sigh that sounds like you’re moaning when all you’re doing is nonsexually sighing and at the end of it you burst into a Taylor Swift song and once you hear this recording you’re like holy shit I’m going to die of fucking embarrassment except thankfully your phone isn’t getting good reception so it’s still in the middle of sending so you head into the living room where you know you for sure won’t get service and there is your roommate whom you confide in and freak out to and she suggests switching your phone to airplane mode so the recording will fail to send and you’re like oh good idea! and switch your phone to airplane mode and you freak out some more and bother your roommate some more until your phone definitively tells you that the recording has failed to deliver at which point you can breathe normally and resume living life

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