Textual Chemistry

This one is for the boys who will remain unnamed
all the boys who thought they’d say hello
exchange a flirtation or two
punctuated by an emoji or three
get my heart high
send my brain into overdrive
parsing for desire from the limits of your characters
a thrill for every l-o-l and haha texted or typed back to me
I’m daydreaming about an idea
derived from a compilation of messages
I’m wondering if you’ve jacked off
to a collage of my words and pictures
imprinted on your mind like some manic pixie dream
until the image shatters with a sentence written too harsh
or a detail pressed for too hard
I bristle at the subtext
you shrug off the accusatory tone
we go back to square one,
only to realize we never left
you’re just another number, another email
I’ve been meaning to delete from my contacts
just another convo, another chat log
already half gone from my memory
we fade and we forget
you move on and I regret
I never saw your face
but your words will always be better.

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