An Ode to My Flaws

My hair is forever falling out

leaving a pesky trail for you to remember me by

My body hair, thin wisps that defy your expectations

is as natural as grass growing on Mother Earth

My face, a battlefield of scars

is a testament to my resilience and resistance in the face of ugliness from others

and if all you can say is that I have a funny accent which fuck you is actually a lisp

all that means is you were too small of a person to listen to the substance of my words.

My endless spirals and zigzags of thought

allow me to consider all the possibilities

to push myself, be creative, be kind, create solutions, indulge my imagination

The melodrama in my shrill voice and exaggerated hand gestures

are outlets for the unbridled range of emotions I am unafraid to feel and share

The criticisms I give out are also criticisms I keep inside,

harsh words to fuel continual improvement

My stubborn nature and unflinching honesty

are just a means of maintaining my integrity

whether you like it or not

and whether you like me or not

this is who I am

the person I was already becoming

well before I realized being myself

is not synonymous with saying sorry.


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