OKBye Stories: The Mixtape

EDIT: How could I forget “Girls Chase Boys”?! Added now.

A playlist to accompany my OKCupid blog posts.

  1. Ellie Goulding – “Anything Can Happen”
  2. Ariel Pink – “Put Your Number in My Phone”
  3. Cyndi Lauper – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”
  4. Haim –¬†“The Wire”
  5. Taylor Swift – “Enchanted”
  6. Fall Out Boy – “Hum Hallelujah”
  7. The Weepies – “They’re In Love, Where Am I?”
  8. Best Coast – “Feeling OK”
  9. Carly Rae Jepsen¬†– “I Really Like You”
  10. Allison Weiss – “Making It Up”
  11. Tegan & Sara – “How Come You Don’t Want Me”
  12. Sigma – “Nobody to Love”
  13. Ingrid Michaelson – “Girls Chase Boys”
  14. Matt & Kim – “Lessons Learned”

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