Oh, my love.
No one can hurt you like me.
You’re standing here,
looking at your broken self in the unbroken mirror
wondering how many times it will take
before you completely unravel.
Wondering how many okays need to be mumbled
before they start to catch on.
Wondering why I must break you
in order to keep moving.
What if you swallowed a few pills.
What if you slipped into the sea.
What if you walked into oncoming lights.
What if nobody loved you, not even yourself.
You wonder if death is escape,
or just another prison.
You don’t have the courage to find out.
I know you don’t.
I’ll always be here for you.
To remind you of your failures.
To haunt you with your worst fears.
To fill you with doubt and regret.
You will never be alone.
Not when I am with you.
Can’t you see
how much you need me?
Who taught you how to cry?
How to scream?
You wouldn’t be human
without me.
Don’t you ever forget.
My love.
My wounded soul.
My blood and bones.
I am the only life you know.

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