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It would be awesome if you sent a little something my way to compensate me for the grueling labor that went into the poetry, stories, and essays on this blog! It would, in fact, motivate me to continue writing. I currently work a full-time job that doesn’t have anything to do with this blog. This entire blog is a labor of love and bitterness and existential crises and childhood trauma. All of this shit has been done for free.

If we didn’t live in a capitalist society that privileged profit over people, I would not ask. But since we do, I figure why the hell not? This blog is a service. Please pay what you can by clicking the link below:



Money will go towards buying a new PC laptop so I can make my adorably crappy lampshade doodles without having to deal with a shitty, virus-laden, slowly running, and dysfunctional computer wheezing into its 9th year of existence, the annual domain fees I have to pay to WordPress to maintain the branding of this blog ($56/year), boba teas for when I’m stressed, tissue boxes for when I cry in my bed at night (seriously, I go through boxes), retail therapy for when I feel insecure and sad about my nonexistent love life, actual therapy services, and other miscellaneous things that will ensure my happiness (however fleeting) in this very chaotic and ordinary mess that we call life.

Donate $25 or more and I will email you a one-of-a-kind lampshade doodle made just for you. (Send me your picture and you will be included in the illustration!)