Super Important Milestones

4/11/17 Looked at my vulva and finally liked it! #VivaLaVulva

3/29/17 Started therapy :O

2/17/17 Deleted Tinder. Too many ugly dudes and lazy motherfuckers who don’t give a shit

1/28/17 Season 2 premiere of Feminist Buzzkills! (restyled as FemBuzz)

1/14/17 My first one night stand. :O 90% fun, 10% awkward

1/3/17 Rejected by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop

1/1/17 Brought in the New Year with overpriced wine and SF fireworks. #KeepingItClassy

12/9/16 Got another job promotion

11/18/16 3 year work anniversary but nobody cared

11/14/16 Secured $10k in funding for my organization by writing my first grant proposal!

11/8/16 Apocalypse begins. Cue emotional meltdown and reevaluation of life choices

11/7/16 Made my (hetero)sexual debut. 50% anticlimactic, 40% uncomfortable, 10% a mistake

10/17/16 Started writing a shit ton of poetry  (inspired by Nayyirah Waheed, Rupi Kaur, and Shana Marie Roark <3)

10/13/16 First sexual endeavor. 50% awkward, 50% mediocre

8/25/16 Turned 25. Cried my eyes out then celebrated like a 10-year-old

8/15/16 Rejected by the Asian American Feature Film Fellowship

8/11/16 Back on Tinder cuz Chelsia wants me to do Tinder Social with her bleh

8/3/16 Screenplay becomes 2016 Scriptapalooza semifinalist which means it will be pitched to agents and producers for a whole year!!

6/28/16 Got a job promotion

6/22/16 Deleted East Meet East, an app through which Asian guys would message me and I would ignore them and message other Asian guys who would then ignore me and presumably message other Asian girls in a sick, twisted never-ending loop of unrequited interest

6/21/16 Short excerpts from two blog posts (“Model Minority,” “Trigger Warning”) were accepted by the Asian American Literary Review Testimonial Tapestry Project!

6/17/16 Joined East Meet East, an Asian online dating app

6/5/16 Deleted Bumble, a more superficial, gargantuan honky version of Tinder

6/1/16 Joined Bumble, an allegedly feminist version of Tinder

5/22/16 Restarting Feminist Buzzkills woo (edit: false start)

5/3/16 Last minute application to the 2017 Asian American Feature Film Fellowship

4/29/16 Received an evaluation of my screenplay through the Black List. Anonymous reader gave it low scores across the board. Realized I had paid someone I didn’t know to tell me my script sucked. Bawled my eyes out. Went into full on existential crisis mode. I am a failure who will amount to nothing. I reached my peak three years ago. Why am I quietly screaming in a dark room where no one can see or hear me. Eventually cheered up by friends. Strengthened my resolve to keep writing no matter what. Writing is breathing. Writing is survival.

4/27/16 Deleted Tinder. Realized nothing will ever happen with online dating for me. Slowly accepting spinsterhood.

4/23/16 One of my best friends came to visit. Realized after all this time and through all this distance, her friendship means so much to me

4/16/16 Submitted short story to the Asian American Writers’ Workshop anthology open call

4/16/16 Hosted my screenplay on the Blacklist, a website that gives scripts an opportunity to get noticed by industry members

4/9/16 Broke up with another friend when she informed me that she is married now, which means she has absolutely no time for me or anyone else who isn’t legally bound to her vagina. (Didn’t you know that one of my hobbies is burning bridges?)

4/3/16 Broke up with a friend. It sucked. But also, fuck that guy

3/5/16 Went to Cambodia for 3 weeks with my mother and her friend. It was a profoundly emotional experience

3/4/16 Last minute submission to the Asian American Literary Review Testimonial Tapestry Project.

3/1/16 Feminist Buzzkills on indefinite hiatus

2/20/16 Went on a date with a guy who works at the liquor store down the street. He took me to see the San Francisco skyline and stroked my hair. I told him I felt like a cat. The blunt he rolled burned my throat when I tried to inhale and the conversation died too many times for the chemistry to sink in. Now I pretend to not feel awkward when I go in there to buy my soda and chips and he calls me honey. (Note: this may have been the point where I hit rock bottom with my nonexistent love life)

2/10/16 Short story rejected by The Kenyan Review. Starting to wonder if my writing is any good. Starting to wonder if people like my writing insofar as they don’t have to publish it or pay for it

1/1/16 Brought in the new year with vomit. Yay

12/23/15 Rejected by multiple screenwriting competitions. Realized I was going about the screenplay competition submitting process all wrong. Submitted screenplay to Scriptapalooza

11/6/15 Gave a talk to middle schoolers about AVID, college, and why Cornell notes definitely helped me to succeed (no they didn’t)

11/5/15 Revised and submitted short story to The Kenyan Review

11/2/15 Staycation/personal writing retreat begins! Finalized screenplay and submitted to screenwriting competitions

10/30/15 Performed Beyonce’s “7/11” for coworkers and small Internet audience

10/24/15 First time seeing penises IRL :O

10/17/15 Participated in a Litquake reading!

9/6/15 Finished my screenplay Finished vomiting out my screenplay

8/4/15 Reached 40 followers on my blog! Yeah I know, I’m practically famous

7/26/15 Made first “Feminist Buzzkills” video with writing soulmate Elana Joy. Youtube here we are

7/12/15 Winked at a guy, asked him for his number, and got it! (Nothing came of it. He was a terrible texter and we failed to make concrete plans to meet up. Story of my life)

7/10/15 Held hands with a guy for the first time. It was somewhat pleasant

6/21/15: Anniversary of remembering my dad is dead, cried alone in my room (the best way to cry)

6/16/15: Quit Coffee Meets Bagel due to unappealing dating prospects, slow pace, and cowardly response to a guy asking me out on a date to which I wanted to say no but didn’t because of aforementioned cowardliness

6/9/15: Joined Tinder, an allegedly women-unfriendly dating app

6/4/15: Joined Coffee Meets Bagel, an allegedly women-friendly dating app

5/21/15 Rejected by writing fellowship program. Failure has never tasted so familiar oh wait nvm

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